Armstrong Parallel Sensorless Pump Controller Wins CIPHEX WEST’S Most-Innovative Product Award

Armstrong Parallel Sensorless Pump Controller Wins CIPHEX WEST'S Most-Innovative Product AwardArmstrong Fluid Technology’s Design Envelope Parallel Sensorless Pump Controller (PSPC) has been selected as the winner of CIPHEX West’s New Product Gallery/Most Innovative Product Competition in the Air Conditioning, Refrigeration category.The Design Envelope PSPC was selected from more than 60 entries by an independent jury that judged the products on meeting at least two of the following criteria:

  • The product promotes sustainability

  • The product uses new or existing materials in an innovative manner

  • The product makes the workload easier (for sales staff, designers or installers)

  • The product has a new look and design which improves its functions

  • The product promotes a safe environment

  • The product has a lower price due to the innovation

To be eligible for the competition, the products had to be new to the marketplace within the last 12 months.The new Parallel Sensorless Pump Controller is an innovative add-on control device that coordinates the output of multiple pumping units in a parallel configuration. Featuring advanced sensorless technology, the PSPC controls up to four Armstrong Design Envelope pumping units and delivers superior energy efficiency, along with reduced first costs.

Armstrong Parallel Sensorless Pump Controller Wins CIPHEX WEST’S Most-Innovative Product Award

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